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NVivo is under continual improvement, adding new features and improving the user experience.

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July 2021 (Release 1.5.1)



Coding comparison query

The calculation of agreement between coders for the kappa coefficient and percentage agreement is now done separately for text coding and region coding (e.g. there may be both sorts of coding in a PDF, while documents use only text coding and pictures and media files use only region coding) Coding comparison query.


June 2021 (Release 1.5)



Project recovery

  • If a project file is found to be corrupt while running 'compact and repair', the option to recover the project from a backup is now offered Compact projects.

  • Project recovery can now be initiated from the File menu Project recovery files

Activation and project creation

Improved error messaging to provide more information to users. Activating NVivo Create a new project


Assorted bug fixes.


March 2021 (Release 1.4.1)



Bibliography management

Added import and export of Citavi bibliography files (RIS format). Import/export bibliographies

February 2021 (Release 1.4)



Accessibility Screen reader improvements to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 standard.

Crosstab query

Slow performance for some crosstab queries is now corrected. See Crosstab query.


Assorted bug fixes.

September 2020



Collaboration Cloud Accessibility improvements to the Collaboration Cloud user interface.
NVivo - Integration Accessibility improvements to the NVivo - Integration user interface in Word, Excel and Outlook.

August 2020 (Release 1.3)




Improved workflows for automated online activation (most users) and license key activation (some enterprise users). Activating NVivo

User interface

A range of font and color changes to improve readability.

Version compatibility

Added warnings to new-project and convert-project dialog boxes to make users aware that projects created or opened in newer major NVivo versions cannot then be opened in earlier major versions. Version compatibility


Updated software to restore Qualtrics survey import. Qualtrics


Fixed a bug to allow PDF printing of data files with coding stripes.


Assorted minor bug fixes.

May 2020 (Release 1.2)



French, Portuguese and German The NVivo interface can be set to French, Portuguese and German. See Application options, General tab

April 2020 (Release 1.1)



Spanish, Chinese and Japanese The NVivo interface can be set to Spanish, Chinese (simplified) and Japanese. See Application options, General tab
Installation and activation options for enterprise customers Enterprise customers have a range of options for deploying NVivo across their organizations. See Enterprise deployment – NVivo

Collaboration Cloud storage indicator.

Added an indicator bar to show the amount of cloud storage space available and being used.

Collaboration Cloud Workspace manager

Collaboration Cloud Administrators can now assign themselves as Workspace managers, improving team management.

Collaboration Cloud project status

Workspace owners can mark projects active or complete, and filter on this setting.

Collaboration Cloud blank-view instructions.

When lists in the Collaboration Cloud interface are empty, instructions relevant to the current user's role are displayed instead.

March 2020 (Release 1.0)

NVivo (Release 1.0) is a major version release for Windows and Mac. It follows the last major version, NVivo 12 (Windows and Mac).



Collaboration Cloud Users with this add-on module are able to collaborate on projects via the cloud. See NVivo Collaboration Cloud
NVivo - Integration

This add-on module allows you to send files directly to NVivo from Word, Excel and Outlook. See NVivo - Integration

Integration with myNVivo

With NVivo (Release 1.0) you log into myNVivo when you run the program, giving easy access to your account and cloud-based modules. For first-time users, myNVivo login also provides seamless activation. See myNVivo for more.

Terminology changes

NVivo (Release 1.0) includes a number of terminology changes, see Terminology changes.

User interface styling changes and improved visualizations

The new NVivo has a cleaner, simpler interface, with a modern look. It includes a new Modules tab, for cloud-based add-ons, a toolbar in the Detail View for convenient access to coding commands, an improved code selection dialog box for right-click coding, and a new code panel (see below). Visualizations use a new, up-to-date color palette.

Coding stripes and coded text highlighting

The color of coded text highlighting now matches the color of the associated coding stripe.

Coding stripe labels can be switched between vertical and horizontal.

New code panel

A new code panel opens inside the Detail View, allowing convenient drag-and-drop coding within the window. See Drag and drop to the code panel

List View help

When folders on the Navigation View are opened into the List View but there are no items to display, short descriptions of the functionality associated with the folders are displayed.

New project tour

When a new project is created a short slide tour introduces the main features of NVivo, for new users.

New project properties dialog box

When a new project is created, users are prompted to enter project information and saving and recovery options. See Create a new project


Added optional autosaving for projects. See Create a new project

Additional sample projects

In addition to the two sample projects provided in previous versions, there is access to three more sample projects show-casing how NVivo accommodates different research methodologies.

Editions replaced by 'coding enhancements'

Previous 'editions' of NVivo Windows—Pro and Plus—are no longer available. Single-license users automatically get all the functionality of the previous Plus version, while enterprise-license holders can purchase the functionality as an option. See Coding enhancements

Mac/Windows project conversion

Improved performance converting NVivo projects between Mac and Windows. See Windows & Mac