Opening projects in different versions of NVivo


Projects created in older major versions of NVivo can be opened in newer major versions—e.g. you can open NVivo version 11 and 12 projects in NVivo (Release 1). When you open an older-version project a copy of the project file is created and formatted for the newer NVivo version—the original project file remains unchanged.

Projects from newer major versions of NVivo cannot be opened in older major versions (e.g. projects created in NVivo release 1.3 can be opened in NVivo release 1.0, but not in NVivo version 12—the previous major version). So, for example, if you are trialing NVivo (Release 1) you can open a version 12 project in it but any changes you make cannot be saved to open in NVivo version 12.

It is possible to move projects between the NVivo Windows and Mac platforms (although not recommended as common practice). The NVivo Windows and Mac versions must be the same for this conversion Converting projects between Windows and Mac.​

To open an older-version NVivo project in NVivo (Release 1):

  1. On the File tab, click Open > Browse.
  2. Ensure you have NVivo Projects selected in the bottom-right of the dialog box.
  3. Select the project you want to open and click Open.

    The Convert Project dialog box opens.

  4. By default the converted file is saved in the same location with '(NVivo R1)' appended to the file name. To:

    1. change the name of the converted file,
    2. change the file location, or
    3. save as an NVivo Collaboration Server project,

      click Browse, change accordingly, then click Save.

  5.  Click Convert to save the updated project file.

NOTE  You must enter a password for projects that are password protected.