myNVivo is an online account system for NVivo and its associated cloud modules: Collaboration Cloud, NVivo - Integration and Transcription. Purchasers and most users of these products must have a myNVivo profile and account (see myNVivo profiles and accounts below).

Use the myNVivo portal ( to:

  • Buy or renew subscriptions to NVivo and the NVivo modules. You can also buy Transcription pay-as-you-go credits.
  • View your current subscriptions.
  • Manage your myNVivo account, with access to view your purchase history and invoices, and set payment details.
  • Enrol in training courses from NVivo Academy.
  • Download NVivo software.

Also use the portal to assign NVivo licenses (or 'seats', for enterprise purchases) or module subscriptions, for multi-user purchases:

See detailed instructions for using the myNVivo portal here myNVivo portal.

Sections below explain:

myNVivo profiles and accounts

myNVivo profiles and accounts are closely related but different.

Profiles identify individual users or organizations, independent of their purchases or payment details. Profiles consist of just an email address—which cannot be changed—and a user name and password.

Accounts include postal and billing addresses, details such as company name and business sector, and payment details. They are used to buy product subscriptions and licenses and Transcription pay-as-you-go credits.

Users log into NVivo products using their profile credentials, but then must identify an account with a valid license (or credits) for the product, in order to use it. (If there is only one account linked to a profile then it is automatically selected.) Similarly, users log into the myNVivo portal with their profile credentials, but can view information for different accounts linked to the profiles, selected in the top-right settings menu:

  • Individuals who have purchased products for themselves have personal accounts with their personal business and payment details.

  • Some individuals may not have purchased any NVivo products for themselves but have been assigned a license/seat to a product by their university or another individual. They use the university's or other person's account to use the product.

  • Some individuals may have bought some products with personal accounts and been assigned license/seats to other products by their university or other people. These individuals must select which account to use whenever they log into a product, and need to change accounts when they switch between products.

myNVivo accounts in NVivo

NVivo allows you to log into a myNVivo account from within the app. The login persists between sessions so you may never need to change it from its default—the profile and account initially used to activate NVivo Activating NVivo licenses.

The account you are logged into in NVivo does not affect the operation of the NVivo app (it is not necessary to be logged in at all to work in NVivo) but is used for any NVivo modules you run from the app. If you access different modules using different accounts, e.g. you use a personal account with a license for NVivo Transcription but a university account for Collaboration Cloud, you need to change the account every time you switch between the modules.

Log into myNVivo in NVivo

  1. View the profile and account you are currently logged in with in the Account section of the Welcome screen and in the top-right of the menu bar if a project is open.

  2. To change accounts, close any open projects and use the Welcome screen Account section to select another account you have access to.

    If necessary, log out and in again with another profile, giving access to accounts associated with the second profile.