myNVivo is an online portal that serves as a single point of contact for all your NVivo needs—either as an individual user or the administrator of a multiple perpetual license or enterprise agreement. You must have a myNVivo profile to use the portal. Sign up or log in at

On the myNVivo portal you can:

  • View and extend subscriptions to NVivo products.
  • Manage your NVivo account (or accounts), including payment details.
  • Assign and unassign end-user seats for licenses you have bought. See Assigning NVivo licenses to end-users below.
  • Purchase subscriptions to NVivo and NVivo modules:Collaboration Cloud, NVivo - Integration and NVivo Transcription. You can also buy Transcription pay-as-you-go credits.
  • Enrol in training courses from NVivo Academy.

NVivo and myNVivo

Most NVivo users require a myNVivo account to activate their installations of NVivo (see exception in note below).

After installing the app, the first time you run NVivo it prompts you to log into your myNVivo account. If there is a valid license in the account then the installation is automatically activated using that license. Activate your license

NOTE  Your institution may install and activate NVivo on its computers for you. If you have user rights to the computers then you can run NVivo without logging into myNVivo. It is still possible to log into myNVivo on these computers and you must do so if you want to use any of the NVivo modules.

After activation, NVivo opens logged into the myNVivo account that was used to activate it. Your login details are shown in the Account section of the Welcome screen and in the top-right of the menu bar if a project is open.

The account you are logged into in the NVivo app does not affect the operation of the app, however, if you open any of the NVivo modules from the app, this account is used.

NOTE  You can operate NVivo without being logged in, for example, if you don't have internet connection. However, you must be logged into an account with a valid license to use any of the NVivo modules.

You can change the account that you are using in order to log into an NVivo module. For example, you might have one account with a license for NVivo Transcription and another with a license for Collaboration Cloud. In this case you would need to change the account you're logged in with in NVivo each time you want to access either of the modules.

IMPORTANT  To change accounts you must close all projects and use the Welcome screen Accounts section.

You can also log out and log in again with another myNVivo profile, giving access to accounts associated with the new profile.

NOTE  The profile and account that you are logged into NVivo with does not affect activation—NVivo continues to use the license you selected when you first activated the installation, no matter which profile and account combination you log in with.

You can change the license that an installation is activated against if you want—you need to de-activate the installation and then re-activate—see Reactivate NVivo to use a new license

myNVivo profiles and accounts

myNVivo profiles and accounts are different:

  • Profiles: Profiles identify individual users or organizations. They consist of just an email address, user name and password. Use them to log into the myNVivo portal (to make purchases and manage accounts), the NVivo app, and NVivo modules.

    You must have a profile (and account) to use any of the NVivo modules. Most NVivo app users also require a profile, however some may access NVivo on their organization's computers and only require access rights to the computers.

  • Accounts: Accounts are used to buy product subscriptions and licenses and Transcription pay-as-you-go credits. They include postal and billing addresses, details such as company name and business sector, and payment details.

Profiles can have more than one account associated with them. For example, a user may have bought NVivo using a personal account, but then have been invited to use Collaboration Cloud under a license purchased by a colleague (using the colleague's account). When this user logs into myNVivo or any NVivo product with their profile credentials they must choose which account to use. In this case they will activate their installation of NVivo using their personal account (which has the NVivo license), but change to their colleague's account when they want to use Collaboration Cloud.

Assigning NVivo licenses to end-users

Anyone who buys NVivo—for themselves, for a group of people, or for their organizations—requires a myNVivo profile, identified by an email address. In all cases, the purchaser (identified by the email address) is assigned one NVivo seat/license (allowing them to install NVivo on two computers).

NVivo purchasers can re-assign their own seat to another user and are responsible for assigning any additional seats in the purchase to other users. They can unassign users at any time and reassign to someone else.

To assign or unassign licenses or seats:

  1. Log into the myNVivo portal.
  2. If you have more than one account, open the menu in the top right corner and use Switch account to select the relevant account.
  3. From the same menu, click My purchases.
    This page shows your purchases and the number of licenses available for distribution.
  4. Click the three dots at the right of the screen for the product you want to assign users to, and select Manage licences.
    You can view the number of seats already assigned and the number remaining. Names and email addresses of all assignees are listed.
  5. To reassign a seat, click Unassign, then follow the steps below to reassign.
  6. To assign an unused seat, click Assign User +.
    1. Enter the end user's first and last names (optional) and email address, and click Add User(s).
      An email is sent for each product/email combination informing the user that they have been assigned a seat. If an email address is not currently linked to a myNVivo profile, an additional email is sent requesting the recipient to create a profile.