Enterprise deployment – Collaboration Cloud & Transcription

If Collaboration Cloud or NVivo Transcription have been purchased by an organization with an enterprise license agreement (ELA), the organization's ELA administrator is responsible for deployment to end users (they can assign other account administrators if required Account administrators).

NOTE  This topic is for ELA administrators deploying Collaboration Cloud and/or NVivo Transcription.
- If you are an ELA administrator deploying NVivo, see Enterprise deployment – NVivo.
- If you purchased a non-enterprise multi-user NVivo license (multiple perpetual license), see Multi-user licenses.
- If you are setting up users for NVivo Collaboration Server, see Control access to a Collaboration Server project.

Seat distribution is carried out from the myNVivo portal. For each product you invite users with their email addresses. They must have personal myNVivo profiles to access the products. Details are provided below.

Assign or unassign user seats: Collaboration Cloud or NVivo Transcription

  1. Log into your organization’s myNVivo portal.
  2. Open My Purchases, at the top of the page.
  3. Find the enterprise license you want to add users to and from the three-dot menu select Manage licenses .
  4. Click Assign User +.
  5. To add end users, enter email addresses and, optionally, first and last names:
    • Use the Single tab to add one user at a time.
    • Use the Multiple tab to add users in a batch file:
      1. Download Users upload template.csv to your computer.
      2. Open the file (in Excel, Notepad, or other suitable app).

      3. Add end-user email addresses to the first column (delete the samples in the file). First and last names are optional.
      4. Save the file and then drag it onto the dialog box (or locate the file in a file management window).

      All invited users are listed on the page after you close the dialog box. You can also view the number of seats allocated and remaining.

  6. When you submit the email addresses the enterprise license is linked to personal myNVivo profiles for each end user:
    • If the end user already has a myNVivo profile (identified by the email address) this profile is used.
    • If the end user doesn’t have a myNVivo profile, a profile is automatically created for them (containing just their email address) and the license linked to this profile.
  7. End users receive an email to inform them that they have been given access to the product, with links to further instructions.
    • If the end user doesn’t already have a myNVivo profile, they also receive a ‘myNivo signup’ email to complete the profile stub created for them in the previous step. The email asks them to complete profile details, accept the QSR privacy policy and terms and conditions, and create a password.
  8. End users can now log into and use Collaboration Cloud or NVivo Transcription with their personal myNVivo profiles.

You can unassign a seat and redeploy it to another person. Click Unassign beside the person you want to remove from the license (this user can now no longer log into the module). The seat becomes available to assign to someone else.