Multiple perpetual licenses

If you have purchased multiple licenses for NVivo, NVivo Transcription or Collaboration Cloud, you are responsible for the distribution of the licenses to end users.

By default, after purchase, one license is assigned to you. You can reassign this to another user, but you remain the sole administrator of all the licenses.

(Note: If you are managing deployment for an enterprise license, see NVivo – Enterprise deployment or NVivo Transcription & Collaboration Cloud – Enterprise deployment .)

Assign licenses from the myNVivo portal. For each product you simply 'assign' users with their email addresses:

  • If an assignee does not currently have a myNVivo profile they are sent an email to create one, plus an email informing them that you have assigned a license to them.
  • If an assignee already has a myNVivo profile then they receive just one email informing them that they have been assigned a license.

After assignment, your account (with the licenses) is linked to the assignees' profiles. This allows them to log in to the product with their personal credentials. (If they have previously been using the product with another account they will need to change the account they are using. For NVivo, this means reactivating their installation).

Assign or unassign licenses

  1. Log into myNVivo using your personal profile credentials.
  2. If you have more than one account, select the account with the multiple licenses from the menu in the top right corner , with Switch account.
  3. In the same menu click My purchases.
    This page shows your purchases and the number of licenses available for distribution.
  4. Click the three dots at the right of the screen for the product you want to assign users to, and select Manage licences.
    You can view the number of users already assigned and the number remaining. Names and email addresses of all assignees are listed.
  5. To assign an unused license, click Assign User +.
    1. Enter the end user's first and last names (optional) and email address, and click Add User(s).
      An email is sent for each product/email combination informing the user that they have been assigned a seat. If an email address is not currently linked to a myNVivo profile, an additional email is sent asking the recipient to create a profile.
  6. To unassign a license (including your own), click Unassign. Then follow the steps above to reassign to another user.