About NVivo

NVivo is the premier software for qualitative data analysis.

Qualitative researchers describe, evaluate and interpret social phenomena. They analyze data from interviews, surveys, field notes, web pages and journal articles and work in sectors from social science and education to healthcare and business. NVivo allows them to organize, analyze and visualize their data, finding the patterns it contains.

Cloud connectivity with myNVivo

While fundamentally a desktop application, NVivo is increasingly integrated into the cloud. Login and activation use a myNVivo account, and cloud-based modules can be purchased (with a myNVivo account) as add-ons to the basic product. These are Collaboration Cloud, NVivo - Integration and NVivo Transcription.

For more, see myNVivo, Activating NVivo, NVivo Collaboration Cloud, NVivo - Integration, NVivo Transcription

Windows and Mac

NVivo is available for Windows and Mac. Windows licenses can be used for both Windows and Mac installations—Mac licenses for Mac installations only.

Project and other NVivo files can be moved between the platforms, but NVivo Mac does not have all the functionality that NVivo Windows has, so data can be lost moving a project from Windows to Mac. See Windows & Mac.

Coding enhancements

NVivo Windows has a set of 'coding enhancement' features available by default for all standard perpetual and student licenses, or by purchase for enterprise licenses. (In previous versions of NVivo these features were available in the Plus edition, not the Pro edition.)

The coding enhancement features are:

  • Sentiment coding (see Automatically detect and code sentiment or About codes)
  • Autocoding to identify themes or sentiment automatically, or to identify themes using existing coding patterns
  • Social network analysis

Working in teams

Besides simply sharing files, NVivo offers two ways for teams to work on the same project. With NVivo Collaboration Server institutions have dedicated NVivo servers that users connect to within the institutions' networks. Alternatively, Collaboration Cloud allows teams to share projects via the internet. See Teamwork for more information.