Introducing NVivo > Teamwork


Many projects involve multiple researchers working together. The simplest way for team members to collaborate on a project, is to work with a single project file—however only one user can open and work with the project at any point in time.

If more than one user wants to work on a project at the same time, you can establish a 'master' project, and then give a copy of the master project to each team member. The team members work in the copied projects while you work in the master project. At regular intervals, import your team members' work into the master project.

Each team member can have their own user profiles in the project, however, users are not 'authenticated', so team members must take care to use the correct user profile.

We recommend that all team members use the same version of the software. We do not recommend working in teams with some members using the Windows platform and others using the Mac platform due to some known limitations and issues. Converting projects between Windows and Mac