Installing NCapture for Chrome

If you have NVivo installed, NCapture may have already been installed on your computer as part of the installation of NVivo. If not, you can manually install it. You need Chrome 44 (or later) to use NCapture for Chrome.

You do not need to have NVivo installed to use NCapture. For example, you can ask a research assistant who does not have NVivo to install NCapture and gather Tweets. They can send the NCapture files (.nvcx) to you to import into your NVivo project.

Check if NCapture for Chrome is installed and enabled

  1. In Chrome, click the menu icon on the toolbar.
  2. Click More tools > Extensions.
  3. Check NCapture is listed. If not, you will need to install it
  4. If it is in the list, but disabled, click the enable slide-button.

Install NCapture for Chrome

  1. Go to NCapture for Chrome in the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Click the Add to Chrome button and confirm in the dialog box. NCapture for Chrome is added to Chrome, with an icon in the toolbar.

View the NCapture for Chrome license agreement.