Hierarchical names

The hierarchical name of a file, code or case includes the hierarchy of folders and parent codes or cases appended to the name of the file, code or case.

Folder names are followed by two backslashes (\\) and code or case names by single backslashes (\).

For example:

  • if your Files folder contains the file Interview with scientist, then the file's hierarchical name is 'Files\\Interview with scientist'.
  • if your Codes folder contains a parent code Economy with a child code Tourism, then the hierarchical name for the child code is 'Codes\\Economy\Tourism'.
  • if your Cases folder contains a People subfolder and a parent case Interview Participants with a child case Betty, then the hierarchical name for the case is 'Cases\\People\\Interview Participants\Betty'.

To find the folder location of a file, code or case:

  1. Select the file, code or case in the List View or open it in the Detail view.
  2. On the Home tab click Item , then Document/PDF/Audio/Video/Dataset/Picture/External/Memo/Code/Case Properties in the Properties section of the menu.
  3. See Location on the General tab of the ... Properties dialog box.