Collaboration Cloud

Collaboration Cloud is an NVivo add-on module designed to allow teams located at different sites to collaborate. It allows you to upload projects to the cloud to share. Collaborators download the projects, work on them, upload their modified copies, then you can download these and merge them into the original version.

Collaboration Cloud is a yearly subscription service, purchased from the myNVivo portal. The basic pack allows five people to collaborate, and you can buy further seats singly to add to this. Enterprise organizations should contact QSR Sales.

Collaboration Cloud is compatible with both NVivo Mac and NVivo Windows, but it is not possible to work cross-platform on a project. All users working on Collaboration Cloud projects must be connected to the internet.


When Collaboration Cloud is purchased, the purchaser must assign seats to all the people who will use the service (in any role) from within the myNVivo portal. (The purchaser is automatically assigned a seat but can re-assign this to someone else if required.) See Add all users to Collaboration Cloud. Once this is done, these people can be assigned specific Collaboration Cloud roles from within the Collaboration Cloud interface.

Workspace owners set up an NVivo project with files and coding structure and then upload it to Collaboration Cloud to create a collaboration workspace. Users are invited to a workspace as Workspace managers or Collaborators. Collaboration roles

Workspace managers can edit the 'master' NVivo project file that was uploaded by the Workspace owner to add additional sources and coding structure, and later to merge Collaborator changes. When the initial project setup is completed, a Workspace manager can distribute the project to Collaborators.

Collaborators download the project and complete their coding separately. After working in a project, Collaborators can upload a version to save their changes to Collaboration Cloud. When coding is complete, a Collaborator can mark a version of their project as 'Ready to Merge'. Once a project has been marked Ready to Merge, a Collaborator can't upload any further versions.

Workspace managers can download and merge Collaborator projects that have been marked Ready to Merge. View and merge Collaborators' changes

If more rounds of coding are required, a Workspace manager can choose to allow the Collaborator to continue coding on their existing version of a project, or they can distribute a new copy of the project that includes the merged changes from Collaborators.

Access Collaboration Cloud

Access Collaboration Cloud by selecting Collaboration Cloud from the Welcome screen, or by selecting Collaboration Cloud from the Modules tab of the ribbon when you have an NVivo project open. You will be prompted to sign in to myNVivo if you are not already signed in.

Collaboration roles

You can have one or more roles within Collaboration Cloud. There are two account level roles, Administrator and Workspace owner, and two workspace level roles, Workspace owner and Collaborator.

Account roles:

  • Administrator: The Administrator controls the collaboration space for an account. They can assign other users as Administrators or Workspace owners. Administrators can take control of a collaboration workspace if the Workspace owner is unavailable to delete the workspace or assign a new Workspace owner.
  • Workspace owner: Workspace owners are able to upload new projects to Collaboration Cloud to create a new workspace. For each workspace they control, they can invite users to join the workspace and collaborate on a project. Only a Workspace owner can create a workspace or delete the workspaces they control.

Workspace roles:

  • Workspace manager: Workspace managers can invite users to a workspace, and can manage the 'master' project file to merge changes from Collaborators. Workspace owners are automatically assigned the Workspace manager role in any workspace they create.
  • Collaborator: Collaborators only have access to their copy of a collaboration project, and can't see the changes other Collaborators have made until a Workspace manager has merged and redistributed their changes.

Find more information about what you can do if you have been assigned these roles below: