Viewing options for codes and cases

You can change the way you view codes and cases when they are displayed in the List View. This can be especially useful when organizing them Organize codes and cases.

Show or hide children

You can expand or collapse individual parent codes or cases with the plus or minus signs beside them. In addition, you can expand or collapse all the items in the List View, or multiple selected items.

  1. Click on a folder in the Navigation View to display the codes or cases in the List View.
  2. If you want to expand or collapse only some items, select them. Otherwise, click in an empty area in the List View.
  3. In the context menu select Expand/Collapse and then the option you want.

Display the List View beside or above the Detail View

You can display codes and cases to the left of or above the Detail View—side-by-side is useful when you are drag-and-drop coding.

Detail View displayed on the bottom and on the right of the NVivo window.

  • On the Home tab, select Workspace and in the Detail View section, Right or Bottom.