Customize the workspace

You can modify the NVivo interface to create more space for specific tasks or show the information most useful to you.

Navigation View


You can collapse the Navigation View to create more working space in the NVivo window:

  1. On the Home tab, click Workspace. In the Navigation View section, select Open or Dashboard Mode.

Shortcut Click the A less than symbol representing hide at the top-right of the Navigation View to collapse it. Click anywhere in the collapsed panel to reopen it.

Create folders

Some items in the Navigation View are like single files, containing data in a single interface. Others are like folders, containing files. For the latter you can create subfolders to organize your data in a way that suits you.

To create a Navigation View subfolder:

  1. Select the Navigation View item you want to create a subfolder for, e.g. Files in the Data category.
  2. On the Create tab, click Folder.
    Enter a folder name and optional description, and click Done.

List View

Sort items

Sort the items in the List View by clicking the header of the column you want to sort by—for example, to sort items by their creation date, click the Created on column header. Items are organized numerically or alphabetically. Click a second time to reverse the order.

Detail View

Change Detail View position

You can display the Detail View to the right of or below the List View. When you are using drag and drop to code into the List View, or want to show coding stripes, it is best to position it on the right.

  1. On the Home tab, click Workspace and in the Detail View section, select Right or Bottom.

Display Detail View on the bottom or to the right of the NVivo window

Expand the Detail View

Click in the top right of the Detail View to expand it to the full size of the NVivo window.


The expanded view has all the same coding and analysis features as the normal Detail View. You can't drag items into the List View to code them, but you can use the code panel (opened from the Detail View toolbar) for similar functionality.