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NVivo Transcription

NVivo Transcription is an automated service with:

  • Fast turnaround times—approximately half the length of the media
  • Cost-effective transcription rates

myNVivo account

You need a myNVivo account to use NVivo Transcription. Your account lets you purchase credits to pay for transcriptions. You create your account in a browser window from within your NVivo project.

Process for uploading files to TranscribeMe.

  1. On the Create tab, in the Transcription group, click NVivo Transcription.

  2. Enter your email address and password and proceed through the myNVivo dialogs to create your account.
  3. You will receive an email from myNVivo to verify your email address.

You will remain logged in to your myNVivo account until you explicitly log out, or change your password.

Transcribe media files

Once your myNVivo account is created and you have purchased some credits, you will be able to perform and edit transcripts from your NVivo project.

Process for uploading files to TranscribeMe.

  1. Select one or more audio or video files in List View.
  2. Right click and select NVivo Transcription from the context sensitive menu. Your selected media files will be automatically uploaded to NVivo Transcription.

  3. Once uploaded, specify the language of the media file from the drop-down list Select language..., and click Transcribe.

NOTE  Files uploaded by other users will be visible in the file list, but you will not be able to transcribe them or edit their transcripts from NVivo Transcription. Once these transcripts are imported back into the NVivo project, they will be available to all project users.

Edit and import your transcript

  1. Click Review transcript to view the transcript and make your edits. Changes are saved automatically.
  2. When finished, return to NVivo.
  3. From the NVivo Transcription file list, click Import to import the transcript into your NVivo project. The transcript will appear in the Content panel, synchronized with your media file.

Transcription credits

You can see whether you have sufficient minutes of transcription time available to transcribe it, by comparing the duration of the media file with the number of transcription minutes you have remaining.

When a transcription begins, the number of minutes it requires is subtracted from your remaining transcription minutes. This total is also refreshed every five minutes. If you have insufficient minutes of transcription time remaining, when you click Transcribe you will have the option to buy more transcription credits. Clicking this link will take you to the myNVivo payments page where you can purchase more transcription credits.

Import NVivo Transcription transcripts

Once transcribed, there are three ways to bring the transcript into your NVivo project:

  • From your NVivo project, within the NVivo Transcription file list, click Import. The transcript will appear in the Content panel, synchronized with the media file.

If, after reviewing your transcript, you Exported it, the transcript will have been downloaded as a plain text file. You can then either: