A picture file consists of a picture and a log.

Picture and picture log.

1 Picture— you can import a picture or copy one from the clipboard

2Region— you can create a log entry for a selected region of the picture and this column shows the coordinates of the region

3 Content— log entries can be imported or you can create them in NVivo

Import a picture

  1. In the Navigation View, click the name of the file folder that you want to import the picture into.
  2. On the Import tab, in the Data group, click Files.
  3. Browse for and then import the picture you want to bring into your project.

Open and navigate picture files

You can double-click a picture file in List View to open it in Detail View.

When you are working with the picture log, you can:

  • Use the vertical scroll bar to move up, down in the log
  • Find specific words or phrases.

If you use zoom to magnify a picture, you can use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to move around the picture.

What can I do in a picture file?

When working with a picture file you can

  • Create a log to record notes or comments about the picture or regions of the picture.
  • Code the picture or regions of the picture directly or code the text in the Content column of the log.
  • Annotate the picture or regions of the picture directly or annotate text in the Content column of the log.
  • Create 'see also' links from the picture, regions of the picture or the log.
  • Create a picture gallery to quickly preview pictures in one folder

NOTE  You can leave the log empty and hide it if required.