Compact and repair projects

Over time, project data on your local computer or an NVivo Collaboration Server (previously 'NVivo for Teams') server can become fragmented, causing performance problems (especially in large projects).

To ensure optimal performance, you should 'compact and repair' projects on a regular basis.

Compact and repair a project

  1. If the project is currently open, close it.
  2. Click File > Help > Compact and Repair Project.
  3. Select the project you want to compact and repair. Select NVivo Projects (*.nvp ) for standalone projects, or NVivo Server Projects for NVivo Collaboration Server (previously NVivo for Teams) projects.
  4. Click Open to start the compact and repair process.


  • If you select an earlier version NVivo project (version 7 to 11) to compact and repair, the project is copied and converted to a new NVivo 12 project before compact and repair proceeds—the original project is not changed.
  • If the project file is corrupted, you will be asked whether you want to proceed or cancel. We advise creating a backup copy of the project before clicking Yes to proceed. Copy projects

NOTE Compacting Collaboration Server projects

  • You must be a project owner or administrator to compact and repair an NVivo Collaboration Server (NVivo for Teams) project.
  • Warn other users before starting a compact and repair, otherwise they are disconnected without warning.