Create cases manually

Cases are people, places, organizations, events or other entities that represent the focus of your research.

If you are analyzing interviews, focus groups, surveys or social media, NVivo can automatically create cases based on your data. This is especially useful if you are working with a large number of cases.

If you have a smaller number of cases, or are working with different types of qualitative data, you can set up your classifications and cases manually.

Set up your case structure


Steps to get there...

Create a case classification

A classification called Participant added under Case Classifications.

  1. In Navigation View, right-click on Case Classifications and then click New Classification.
  2. Enter a name for the classification. For example, Person, Place or Organization.


Add cases to the classification

Cases in the selected classification.

  1. In Navigation View, right-click on the new classification and then click New Case.
  2. Enter the name of the case. For example, Barbara, Harkers Island or Site A


Setup the attributes and values for each case

Setting attribute values for a case in List View.

  1. In List View, expand a case and click to add the case attributes. Attributes that you create are added to the classification and are available for other cases in the classification. For example, if you create the attribute Gender, it becomes available for all new cases.
  2. Click to update an attribute value. As you type, NVivo suggests any existing matching values—you can accept the value or enter a new one.

Code content at the new cases

Content coded at a case from an interview transcript, survey dataset and video focus group.

Code content from files at the new cases. For example, code Ken's interview transcript at the case for Ken. You can code the entire file or selected content. Coding techniques

Create a case while coding in Detail View

  1. In Detail View, select the content you want to code.
  2. On the menu bar, in the Coding group, click Code.
  3. Select the Cases folder, and then click New Case to create and code to a new case.

Create a case by 'quick coding'

You can create a new case by selecting the content you want to code and entering a new case name in the Quick Coding bar at the bottom of Detail View. Make sure you set the folder location to Cases. Coding techniques