NVivo Product editions

NVivo 12 (Windows) is available in two editions: Pro and Plus.

What's the difference between the editions?

NVivo Pro

This edition integrates with reference management tools and supports multi-media files. NVivo Pro has everything you need for analyzing all forms of unstructured data. With advanced queries and powerful visualization tools, you can discover themes, justify your findings and report your work.

  • Work with text, audio, video, images and spreadsheets
  • Use more powerful querying tools including matrix coding queries
  • Create project and concept maps to show associations in your data
  • Use NCapture to quickly and easily capture social media content for analysis

NVivo Plus

All the functionality of NVivo Pro with an additional set of specialized tools to support frontier research practices.

NVivo Plus has powerful automated processing to support fast, 'broad-brush' analysis with the ability to automatically code large sets of data.

  • Gain a quick insight from large amounts of data by automatically identifying themes and sentiment
  • Automatically create social network visualizations from social media data or your own project data

How do I know what edition I'm using?

The edition displays in the NVivo title bar but you can also easily identify your edition of NVivo based on the color of the status bar, Start screen or Backstage view—just click the File tab at the top left of the screen. NVivo Pro is blue and NVivo Plus is purple.

Alternatively you can click the File tab, click Help, and then click About NVivo. The About dialog box displays the edition you are currently using.

Changing to a different edition

Depending on your research needs and experience, you might want to use a different edition of NVivo.

Your license determines what edition you can use. Depending on your license, you may need to purchase a license upgrade to use a different edition.

Some licenses allow access to more than one edition. If you have access to multiple editions, you can switch between them in Application Options.

When you purchase a license for

The default edition is

You can switch to

NVivo Pro

NVivo Pro


NVivo Plus

NVivo Plus

NVivo Pro

Switching between editions

If your license allows access to more than one edition, you can switch to a different edition in Application Options. This may be useful, for example, when:

  • You are trialing the software you might want to experiment with the features that are available in different editions— to find which one is right for you.
  • You are a trainer using NVivo Plus and your students are using NVivo Pro, you might want to see how a project looks through their eyes.
  • You are a student using NVivo Plus (provided by your university) but you prefer to work with NVivo Pro.

To switch editions:

  1. Click the File tab, and then click Options.
  2. On the General tab, in the Edition list, select the edition you want to switch to.
  3. Click OK. You need to close and re-open NVivo to change editions.

NOTE  Your project is not changed when you switch editions—but some project items might be unavailable.