Export nodes

Print a list of nodes

  1. Display codes in List View.
  2. Choose File > Print List.

Share a node summary

To export the list of files that are coded at a code (including information about location, references and coverage):

  1. Open the node and switch to the Summary pane.
  2. On the Data tab, in the Export group, click List.

NOTE  If you export a parent node with node aggregation turned on, the exported node summary includes files coded at the parent and files coded at all of the child nodes.

Share node references

To export the content coded at a code:

  1. In List View, select the node.
  2. On the Data tab, in the Export group, click Items.

Export the codebook

As you develop your thematic node structure, you can report on the nodes and their descriptions by generating a codebook. A codebook lets you work with your list of nodes and their descriptions outside of NVivo, so you can review or share them with others. A codebook can clarify the meaning of the thematic nodes so that you (or members in your team) can apply them to your data in a consistent manner.

You can export your codebook as:

  • A table in a Microsoft Word document (.docx)
  • An Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx, .xls)
  • A spreadsheet (.csv)
  • An XML file in the Codebook Exchange Format (.qdc) that can be opened in other Qualitative Data Analysis tools

Before you export your codebook, it is a good idea to check that you have added information about the meaning of your nodes in the Description field in node properties.

To export a codebook:

  1. On the Data tab, in the Export group, click Codebook.
  2. (Optional) If you have node folders in your project, you can choose which folders you want to include in the codebook.
  3. Click Select.
  4. You can now change the name, location or format of the exported codebook, then click OK.

The codebook exists outside of your NVivo project. If you want a copy of your codebook in NVivo, export the codebook in Microsoft Word format, and then import it as a document or memo.

NOTE   Importing a coding structure (empty nodes) from a codebook in .qdc format allows you to reuse a node structure on multiple NVivo projects. Import the nodes from just one, or from several, node folders and you can duplicate a node structure without needing to copy an entire project.