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NVivo includes features that make the software accessible to a wider range of users, including those who have limited dexterity, low vision, or other disabilities.

Use keyboard shortcuts to move around or access commands

You can use standard maxOS keyboard shortcuts to access commands on the menu bar:



Move to the menu bar Fn+Control+F2 (or Control+F2 if your keyboard does not have an Fn key)
Move between menus Left and Right Arrow keys
Open a selected menu Return
Move to items in the select menu Up and Down Arrow keys (or start typing the name of the menu item)
Select a menu item Return

You can use NVivo keyboard shortcuts to move around within the application and perform frequently used commands. Keyboard shortcuts

Turn on Full Keyboard Access

When Full Keyboard Access is turned on you can press TAB to move the focus between controls in dialogs.

  1. Choose Apple > System Preferences.
  2. Under Hardware, click Keyboard.
  3. On the Keyboard Shortcuts pane, under Full Keyboard Access, select All controls.

Use the keyboard to access the shortcut menu

'Mouse Keys' is a feature within macOS that enables you to move the pointer by pressing the keyboard number pad. With NVivo 12.1 (Mac), you can use mouse keys to activate the shortcut (contextual) menu.

Turn on Text to Speech

When Text to Speech is turned on, you can press a keyboard shortcut (by default, Option + Esc) to hear a selected passage of text read aloud.

  1. Choose Apple > System Preferences.
  2. Under System, click Dictation & Speech (or Speech).
  3. On the Text to Speech pane, select the option to speak selected text. You can also change the keyboard shortcut.

Enlarge the content on the screen

You can turn on zoom features in macOS to enlarge the content on the screen so that it is easier to read—choose Apple > System Preferences > Accessibility, then click Zoom and choose your preferred zoom settings.

Use other macOS accessibility features with NVivo

  • Display preferences—for example, invert colors and adjust contrast
  • Sticky keys—allows the modifier keys to be set without needing to hold them down
  • Slow keys—adjust the amount of time between when you press a key and when it activates
  • Mouse keys—control the mouse with the keyboard number pad
  • Change the size of the mouse pointer
  • Text to Speech—hear a selected passage of text read aloud
  • Dictation—your spoken words are converted into text
  • VoiceOver—macOS built-in screen reader.

For more information on Mac accessibility features, refer to Mac Accessibility Support on the Apple website.