You can use charts to present or explore the coding in your project. Charts can help you answer questions—for example, What are the dominant themes in this interview transcript? or How is coding spread across the different demographic groups in my project?

Describing the components of a chart.

1 View the displayed chart. Double-click on a data point to view the underlying data.

2 Switch between the Data and Format tabs on the chart options panel to change the content or appearance of the chart.

3 Export, print or expand the chart, hide the options panel and access the Help.

Create a chart

  1. In List View, select the file or node you want to chart. For example, select an interview transcript to see the dominant themes, or select a theme node to see how coding is distributed across demographic groups.
  2. On the Explore tab, in the Visualizations group, click the Chart image.

The chart is generated and displayed in Detail View.

You can use the chart options panel (on the right) to change the data displayed in the chart, or to change the chart's format and appearance.

What can I display in a chart?