Introducing the workspace

Understand your way around NVivo and then customize the work area to suit the way you prefer to work.

 Components of the NVivo workspace


Shortcut menus

Shortcut (or contextual) menus are available in List View and Detail View. You can access the most frequently-used commands via the shortcut menus. For example, you can use the shortcut menus to print a file selected in List View or code content selected in Detail View.

To open a shortcut menu, click in List View or Detail View and then hold down the Control key and click.

You can also access the shortcut menus in these ways:

  • If you have a trackpad that supports gestures, you can use a two-finger tap
  • If you have a multiple-button mouse, you can configure the mouse to access shortcut menus by right-click or your preferred method.

If you have selected items in List View or content in Detail View you will have more options on the shortcut menu—for example, the command to code content is only available if you have selected content to code before you open the shortcut menu.